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TA Schedule

Freshman Program Teaching Assistants Office Hours for Room GSCC131

Fall 2017

The Swanson School of Engineering has an open computer lab for all the freshman in room GSCC131. Room GSCC131 is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm as an open computer lab.

The Freshman Program Graduate TAs hold their office hours in GSCC131, as shown below. The first 7 TAs are working with ENGR0011, while the last 3 are working with ENGR0016/0711.

The individuals that will be helping this year with tutoring are:

Graduate Teaching Assistants
ENGR0011 Teaching Assistants
Rebecca Gerth
Zachary Merrill
Joshua Urso
Brian Day
Jorge Professional Close
Jorge Torres
Taylor Price
Anthony Galante
ENGR0711/0012/0016 Teaching Assistants
James Dean
Lee Dosse
Brandon Jennings


Schedule of TA office hours in room GSCC131

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 am Taylor Price Taylor Price Taylor Price Brian Day Zachary Merrill 
10:00 am Anthony Galante Taylor Price Anthony Galante
Lee Dosse
Brian Day Zachary Merrill
11:00 am Anthony Galante Joshua Urso Anthony Galante
Lee Dosse
Brian Day Closed
Noon Joshua Urso
Brandon Jennings
Joshua Urso Brandon Jennings Brian Day Closed
1:00 pm Joshua Urso
Brandon Jennings
Jorge Torres Brandon Jennings Zachary Merrill Closed
2:00 pm James Dean Jorge Torres
James Dean
James Dean Zachary Merrill Closed
3:00 pm Lee Dosse Rebecca Gerth Jorge Torres
James Dean
Rebecca Gerth Closed
4:00 pm Lee Dosse Rebecca Gerth Jorge Torres Rebecca Gerth Closed