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Fall 2017: ENGR0711 Course Announcements


Please check this page regularly for important announcements regarding ENGR 0711


  • The books are in the bookstore, please bring your book to class
  • Review the entire web site
  • The writing assignments in ENGR0011 and ENGR0711 are designed to meet the University General Writing Requirements. Any student that does not complete ENGR0011 or ENGR0711 will be required to take the university 3 credit general writing course.
  • A average score of less than 70% on the exams will result in a course grade of F, regardless of your other grades.
  • Read Chapter 2 before class
  • TA office hours will begin Tuesday Sept 5
  • 8/29/2017 Install Matlab on your computers
  • How to watch the videos