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ENGR 0016

ENGR 0016 - Fall 2017

Welcome to the home page for ENGR 0016 - Introduction to Engineering Analysis. The menu bar to the right lists the various pages for this class:

  • Course Objectives : The main goals behind ENGR 0016
  • Faculty and Teaching Assistants : List of professors and teaching assistants for each of the sections, along with e-mail addresses.
  • Major Topics : Major topics covered in ENGR 0016
  • Course Policies and Administration : Information about administration, grading policies, assignments, examinations, and textbooks and other materials required for the class.
  • Course Syllabus : Information about the material covered each week.
  • Assignments : Homework assignments along with due dates and solutions.
  • Sample Exams : Sample Exam questions to review before each test.
  • Course Announcements : Announcements related to ENGR 0016: please check this page regularly.
  • Related Links : Links which may be helpful for you in this course and other assignments.

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