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ENGR 0015 - Spring 2018

ENGR 0015 - Spring 2018

Welcome to the home page for  ENGR 0015- Introduction to Engineering Analysis . The menu bar to the right lists the various pages for this class: 

ENGR0015 is the Spring semester version of ENGR0011 that is offered in the Fall semester. The courses are basically the same, the main different is the student population. ENGR0015 is designed for students that wish to transfer into engineering. More details can be found by clicking the menu links.

  • Course Objectives : The main goals behind ENGR 0015  
  • Faculty and Teaching Assistants :  List of professors and teaching assistants for each of the sections, along with e-mail addresses. 
  • Major Topics : Major topics covered in ENGR 0015. 
  • Course Policies and Administration : Information about administration, grading policies, assignments, examinations, and textbooks and other materials required for the class.  
  • Course Syllabus : Information about the material covered each week.  
  • Assignments : Homework assignments along with due dates and solutions.  Also, solutions to in-class assignments. 
  • Course Announcements :  Announcements related to ENGR 0015: please check this page regularly. 
  • Related Links :  Links which may be helpful for you in this course and other assignments. 
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