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Fall 2017: ENGR0011 Writing Assignments

The writing assignments in ENGR0011 and ENGR0012 are designed to meet the University General Writing Requirements. Any student that does not complete ENGR0011 and ENGR0012 will be required to take the University 3 credit General Writing Course. Details on all of these topics will be posted on the ENGR0011 web page. The purpose of the writing assignments is to help each student develop Research and Communication Skills so they obtain the necessary Information Literacy skills to complete the Engineering Curriculum. Information Literacy will be defined as:


"an intellectual framework for identifying, finding, understanding, evaluating and using information. It determines the nature and extent of needed information; accessing information effectively and efficiently; evaluating critically information and its sources; incorporating selected information in the learner's knowledge base and value system; using information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose; understanding the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and information technology; and observing the laws, regulations, and institutional policies related to the access and use of information."

Each of the following assignments is designed to produce this outcome.

The following Writing Instructors are assigned to the freshman program.

Beth Bateman Newborg,
Director, English/Freshman Engineering Writing Program
Keely Bowers Amanda Brant Janine Carlock
Mike Cornelius Barbara Edelman Libby Ferda
Emelyn Fuhrman Diane Kerr Nancy Koerbel
Tim Maddocks Julianne McAdoo Dan Mcmillan
Rachel McTernan Renee Aukeman Prymus Anjali Sachdeva
Josh Zelesnick Janet Zellmann  

You can contact all of these instructors at the University Writing Center. For more information on each Writing Center person click here.


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