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Major Topics

ENGR0011: Major Topics

A detailed list of course topics can be found in the course syllabus . A summary of the Major Topics covered in ENGR 0011 is as follows:

  • Introduction to University Computing system 
  • Internet Fundamentals 
  • Basic UNIX Commands 
  • HTML Programming 
  • Linear Algebra
  • Matrix Operations
  • Spreadsheet Fundamentals 
    • Graphing data 
    • Mathematical Operations
    • Equation Solving
    • Curve Fitting
    • Plotting
    • Matrix Operations
  • HTML Programming 
    • Formatting
    • Images
    • Linking
    • Color
    • Tables
    • Frame Sets
    • Style Guides
    • Java Scripting
  • Working in Teams
  • Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving
    • Graphing data 
    • Curve Fitting data
    • Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Technical Report Writing  
    • Effective Use of the Library
    • Research paper on the field of engineering you find interesting
    • Production of Power Point presentation

The course will be concerned with material that appears to fall within the realm of specific topics in engineering, our emphasis will be on introducing the art of problem solving using various computer tools to solve engineering problems, and the skills necessary to research and present a technical research paper.   We will also illustrate how engineering differs from science and mathematics. A detailed list of topics can be found in the course syllabus.