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Research Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities for electrical engineering and computer engineering undergraduates to be involved in research projects with faculty and graduate students. Projects listed below should be considered ongoing unless an end date is specified.
Participation in these projects may be through Senior Design, Independent Study (ECE/COE 1898), or as part-time work, depending on the project. Be sure to note the required course background and QPA expected for participation in each project.

PROJECTS currently available 

Alan George

The NSF CHREC Center (www.chrec.org) led by Dr. George features a broad range of graduate and undergraduate research projects in advanced computer circuits, processors, networks, systems, services, and apps, for a variety of environments and platforms, from spacecraft to supercomputers, with emphasis upon parallel, reconfigurable, distributed, and dependable computing.  Undergraduates in COE and EE and sometimes other disciplines are involved, invited, and welcome in many of these projects, as volunteers or for course credit, and occasionally with funding.

Alex Jones

Instrumenting Parallel Applications for Communication Pattern Visualization and Prediction
Parallel applications contain communication operations that require data to be sent from one processor to another a various points during program execution. These communication operations often follow patterns and may be predictable. In this work, we will instrument a set of parallel applications to generate traces so that their communications may be studied and then through simulation of various prediction schemes, their performance can be improved.
Implementing Perl regular expressions in a Content Addressable Memory (CAM) for intrusion detection
One technique for intrusion detection, SNORT, has been proposed to detect various types of attacks in a network. However, running SNORT is much too slow for high throughput networks such as Gigabit Ethernet. A technique has been proposed to implement many types of SNORT rules using a Content Addressable Memory (CAM). Several rules were not be implemented in this manner because they require Perl regular expressions. This senior design project will examine these rules and determine how they may be implemented using a CAM.

Bill Stanchina

Project:  Investigation of modeling, simulation, and experimental operation of wide bandgap semiconductor transistors (e.g. GaN) for electric power conversion (ac/dc, dc/dc, etc.).  Research may possibly include using modeling and simulation tools to explore circuit operation, probing/testing commercial devices to extract operational performance.

Project:  Investigation of growth of b-Ga2O3 nanowires and characterization of nanowire structures for application as transistors.  Research may possibly include growth of nanowires, patterning of nanowires, electronic measurements of nanowires.

Past Projects include:

Steve Levitan

Building Models in C++ and Visual Python.  The goal of this project is to develop a set of class libraries for simulation for use in a modeling and simulation course.  

Ongoing Development of a Desktop Simulator for Nuclear Power Plants.  In this project we are developing a desktop simulator in Matlab/Simulink for use as an instructional tool in Nuclear Engineering courses.  


Marlin Mickle

Projects related to radio-frequency identification (RFID), telemedicine, active telemedicine, and the internet of things primarily focused on medical applications.