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ECE Help Desk

ECE Help Desk - OPEN BEGINNING 9/13/2017

The ECE Help Desk is located in 1218 Benedum Hall.  The Help Desk is staffed by current undergraduate students who have successfully completed the listed courses and are able to provide assistance.  If you need assistance in a class not listed here, feel free to ask the tutors.   The full schedule can be found at this link.  

Courses Covered
Stephen Snow, Help Desk Supervisorstephen.c.snow@pitt.edu 0031, 0132, 0147, 

Hector Lihal86@pitt.edu 0031, 0132,  0257
Matthew Lawrencemal232@pitt.edu  0031, 0132, 0257, 1552
Ryan Schwartz Ryan.schwartz@pitt.edu 0031, 0132, 0142, 0257, 1552