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Grainger, Brandon M
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Grainger, Brandon M
Associate Director, Electric Power Systems Laboratory
Affiliate, Energy GRID Institute
Research Assistant Professor
Office: 802 Benedum Hall
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Dr. Brandon Grainger is currently a research professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), Swanson School of Engineering.  He holds a PhD in electrical engineering with a specialization in power conversion.  He also obtained his master’s degree in electrical engineering and bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (with minor in electrical engineering) all from Pitt.  He was also one of the first original R.K. Mellon graduate student fellows through the Center for Energy at Pitt.   

Dr. Grainger has either worked or interned for ABB Corporate Research in Raleigh, NC; ANSYS Inc. in Southpointe, PA; Mitsubishi Electric in Warrendale, PA; Siemens Industry in New Kensington, PA; and has regularly volunteered at Eaton’s Power Systems Experience Center in Warrendale, PA designing electrical demonstrations.  In his career thus far, he has contributed to 40+ articles in the general area of electric power engineering (emphasis on electric power conversion) and all of which have been published through the IEEE.  Dr. Grainger is a member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), and Industrial Electronics Society (IES) and is an annual reviewer of various power electronic conferences and transaction articles.  Dr. Grainger is a Senior Member of the IEEE and serves as the IEEE Pittsburgh PELS Chapter Chair for which the section has won numerous awards with his leadership.

PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2014
MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2011
BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2007
Minor in Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2007


Electric Power Conversion, Medium to High Voltage Power Electronics (HVDC and STATCOM), General Power Electronic Converter Design (Topology, Controller Design, Magnetics) and High Power Density Design, Power Semiconductor Evaluation (SiC and GaN) and Reliability Assessment, Military Power Systems, DC System Design and Protection, Fault Identification Techniques, and Microgrids.


National Society of Collegiate Scholars, April 2003

Golden Key International Honor’s Society, 2004

National Society of Mechanical Engineers (Pi Tau Sigma), November 2004

Offered Tau Beta Pi Membership Numerous Times

On Dean’s List Every Undergraduate Academic Term

Predoctoral Fellowship from Office of the Dean, Pitt Swanson School of Engineering, May 2008

Predoctoral Fellowship from ECE Department, Pitt Swanson School of Engineering, May 2009

Finalist for the First Siemens Fellowship in Pitt Swanson School of Engineering, October 2011

Student Travel Grant for 2012 IEEE T&D Conference and Exhibition

Student Travel Grant for 2012 IEEE EnergyTech Conference

Richard K. Mellon Endowed Graduate Student Fellowship, Pitt Swanson School of Engineering, January 2013

1 of 100 graduate students in the USA to attend 2014 ARPA-E Innovation summit, February 2014.

Student Travel Grant for 2014 IEEE T&D Conference and Exhibition

2014 Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition Best Presentation Award

2015 Electrical and Computer Engineering Best Research Assistant Award

2014 to 2015 Best International IEEE PELS Chapter Award – (Received as Co-Chair of Organization)

2015 to 2016 Best local IEEE PELS Chapter Award – Received as Chair of Organization

Selected as a member of a the National Academies of Science and Engineering Ambassador Program (http://scienceambassadors.org/) 

Senior Member, IEEE

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    + - Undergraduate researcher
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(Invited Talks)


  1. Design and Power Management of an Offshore Medium Voltage DC Microgrid Realized through High Voltage Power Electronic Technologies and Control.   IEEE Pittsburgh Power Electronics Society Chapter Meeting.  Pittsburgh, PA, January 2015.
  2. The Promise of DC Microgrids.  Microgrid Markets Summit East. Arlington, Virginia, March 16-18th 2016.
  3. Detailed Modeling and System Fault Identification of a Modular Multilevel Converter Based HVDC System with Future Applications for High Power Density System Design.  IEEE PES General Meeting Panel.  Boston, MA, July 2016.
  4. New Power Reliability Trends and the Application of Microgrids.  Energy Association of Pennsylvania.  Pittsburgh, PA, September 2016.
  5. Energy, Environment, and Equity (E3) Conference (in conjunction with CMU energy week). 
    Topic: Emerging Investment Markets: Pittsburgh’s Electric Grid Modernization Opportunities
    Role:  Panelist.  Pittsburgh, PA, March 2017.
  6. High Voltage DC Power Converter Principles Applied to the Design of Lower Power, High Dense Systems.  IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition Panel. Cincinnati, OH, October 2017.
Title: Communication-less Fault Section Identification Method for Hybrid HVDC Transmission Corridors
Innovator(s): P.T. Lewis; B. M. Grainger; H. A. Hassan; G.F. Reed
Pitt OTM Ref No.: 03496
Date: June 1st, 2015
Status: Provisional Patent Filed on May 27th, 2015 (No. 62/166,869)
     International Patent Application on May 19th, 2016 (PCT/US2016/033218)