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Bioengineering Graduate Admissions


Students must first be accepted into the MD/PhD Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  

The Department of Bioengineering welcomes MD/PhD students to our graduate program. Students are encouraged to work for two 10-week periods in one or more of our laboratories during the summers before the first and second years of medical school, to determine their choice of PhD advisor. After two years of medical school, students typically complete the PhD portion in three-four years, before returning to finish medical school. Course requirements for MD/PhD students are designed specifically to allow each student to select those classes that are most relevant to their research area of interest, and typically include one course each in engineering mathematics and statistics, three courses chosen from a menu based upon the student's chosen graduate research track, and five elective courses. In addition, each student completes two teaching practica as an introduction to classroom instruction and attends a weekly bioengineering seminar. Participants in the MD/PhD program are among the most successful and productive graduate students in the department, providing a central link between the engineering and medical communities at the University of Pittsburgh.

Interested applicants may contact Aaron Batista, PhD.