Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Bioengineering Faculty
Shroff, Sanjeev G
Gerald McGinnis Chair
Primary Faculty
Cui, Xinyan Tracy
William Kepler Whiteford Professor & Associate Editor, Journal of Materials Chemistry B
Hirschman, Alan D
Executive Director, Center for Medical Innovation
Kumta, Prashant N
Edward R. Weidlein Chair Professor, Swanson School of Engineering and School of Dental Medicine
Redfern, Mark
Vice Provost for Research
Shroff, Sanjeev G
Gerald McGinnis Chair
Vorp, David A
Associate Dean for Research and John A. Swanson Professor of Bioengineering
Secondary Faculty
Chen, Kevin P.
Paul E. Lego Professor
Chun, Young Jae
Associate Professor
Little, Steven R.
William Kepler Whiteford Professor and Department Chair
Robertson, Anne
Professor & Director, Center for Faculty Excellence
Sejdic, Ervin
Associate Director, RFID Center for Excellence
Vipperman, Jeffrey
Professor & Vice Chair of MEMS