Translational Research Outcomes at Pitt

Teams competing for Coulter Program funding had to participate in a four-month “From Benchtop to Bedside” course designed to give basic information necessary to assess the therapeutic or diagnostic potential of proposed translational research-based technologies. The teams are then evaluated by the Program’s oversight committee, which is comprised of clinicians experienced in translation, business leaders accomplished in medical device commercialization including regulatory affairs and reimbursement, large medical device company representatives, and local and national angel investors and venture capitalists.   


To learn more information about the funded projects, from both the first and second funding cycle, please follow the respective links below. 


Microsurgical Instruments that Magnify the Sense of Touch
Treating Gum Disease Through the Recruitment of Regulatory Lymphocytes
Resorbable Calcium Phosphate Putty for Bone Regeneration (RECAPP)
Nano-Vision Diagnostics for Cancer Risk Assessment
Reduce the Rate of Infection of Long-Term Implantable Medical Devices
Temporomandibular Joint


MatriDisc: An Inductive, Scaffold Based Device for Reconstruction of the TMJ Meniscus
TheraGel: Prevent Infection of Implanted Devices
SkinJect PatchIT