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Wilmer, Christopher E.
Chem/Petroleum Engineering
Wilmer, Christopher E.
Assistant Professor
Office: 903 Benedum Hall
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PhD in Chemical & Biological Engineering, Northwestern University, 2013

BASc in Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2007

Postdoctoral in Theoretical chemistry, Harvard University, 2013-2014

Computational materials discovery


Hypothetical materials

Molecular modeling

(2013) AIChE Computational Molecular Science & Engineering Graduate Student Award.

(2012) ACS Excellence in Graduate Research Award, Energy & Fuels.

(2012) Forbes' 30-under-30 in energy innovation.

(2012) Grand Prize, Rice Business Plan Competition.

(2012) Kleiner Perkins Clean Tech Innovation Prize.

(2011) NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge Winner.

(2011) Perkins Coie Innovative Minds Award.

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2014, "Efficient gas storage and separation," Solve-for-X, Mountainview, CA, USA.

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Chief (and founding) editor